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Gold Beach

94433 Jerry's Flat Rd.
Gold Beach, OR  97444
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Enjoy Your Stay At Gold Beach
Considered the heart of America's Wild Rivers Coast, Gold Beach is located on Oregon's coast along the Pacific Ocean just 50 miles north of the California border. Gold Beach is comprised of coastal terrain that includes wild rivers, mountains and valleys.

It's probably one of the best places in the world to do nothing... like walking along a sandy beach just clearing your head... Or sitting on a gusty bluff, watching clouds go by... Maybe casting a line with no thought at all except what's in that calm pool on the other bank.

Most of all, enjoy the pace, and we promise to send you home feeling the way a getaway should make you feel.

You will enjoy your stay at Motel 6 - Gold Beach!  And remember, we'll leave the light on for you!

About Gold Beach

The Southern Coast of Oregon is a place where things still are. Wilderness is still just that, and fiercely protected. Getting a permit to hike may strike some as a bother, till you're on that trail surrounded by silence. Limited access to the wild and scenic sections of the Rogue doesn't seem fair if you're the one who doesn't get on, but makes perfect sense once you're gliding downriver between sheer basalt canyon walls.